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Charlotte Tutor:   Physics - Tutoring and Homework Help

Charlotte Tutor
Physics tutoring service provides quality teaching/tutoring and test preparation in
a wide array of topics in the area of Physics. Some of these topics are:

High School Physics: High school fundamentals of physics I and II, AP physics B, AP physics C,
Pre-IB physics, IB physics, and more.

College and University Physics: college physics for non-science majors, general physics I, general physics II, university physics I, university physics II, university physics III, modern atomic physics I, modern atomic physics II, mechanics, modern atomic physics III, heat and thermodynamics, classical mechanics, quantum physics, theoretical physics, electricity and magnetism I, electricity and magnetism II, geometrical optics, physical optics, solid state physics, nuclear physics, advanced graduate physics, applied physics, fluid dynamics, waves and vibrations, relativity, and more.

Charlotte Tutor provides step by step explanations and detailed solutions for your physics homework assignments so you can easily understand how to solve the problems.

Charlotte tutor provides physics homework tutoring help and detailed solutions for your take home exams and practice tests so you do not have to experience the unnecessary stress that is attributed to solving complex problems. Charlotte Tutor breaks down the problems and the concepts behind them so they are much easier to understand. Charlotte Tutor also shows his students how to use
a graphing calculator to assist their learning and improve their test scores.

To schedule a physics tutoring appointment please click here

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