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  Preparation for Cumulative Final Exams

Try using old exams to focus your review if you have good reason to believe that your cumulative final will be similar in format and kind to exams you have taken earlier in the semester.

Using old Exams is always a good idea.

Doing a post-analysis of your semester exams (mid-terms etc.) can give you essential information to help you prepare for cumulative finals. Use your semester exams to:

   1. Characterize and, hence, to familiarize yourself with the way your professor poses exam questions.
   2. Get an idea of the areas of knowledge and level of detail on which you will be tested.
   3. Identify areas where your knowledge is weak so that you can focus your review.

Go through the exam, question by question; identify the kinds of information the exam asks for (definitions, concepts, processes, diagrams etc.). Also identify what you are asked to do (application of concepts, synthesis of ideas or information etc.)

    * What level of detail does the exam ask you to know...will the final exam require you to know the same
       level of detail?

    * Are there trick questions? For instance, does an exam question look like something you've seen before
      but includes some variation that will affect your answer?

    * Tailor your studying to the above.

Review all questions and answers that you answered correctly. For all questions or problems answered incorrectly:

    * Circle or highlight all keywords and phrases in the question.

    * Ask yourself, "what do I need to know or understand to answer this question?" (e.g., what concepts,
       processes, formulas, exceptions, definitions, limitations, variations do I need to be aware of). Write
       these down or indicate them in your notes or textbook(post-it notes are good for this) for your final
       exam review.         

    * Determine and indicate what you will need to memorize during your final exam review.

    * Attempt to answer the question or solve the problem.

If you are unable to answer the question or solve the problem:

    * Review relevant course materials (textbook chapter, lecture notes etc.)

    * Put relevant information in your own words to be sure you fully understand.

    * Go back and attempt the question again.

    * If still unsuccessful, seek professional assistance from a highly qualified Instructor/Tutor with extensive
      experience and reputation.

An academic Skills Instructor such as Charlotte Tutor can help you analyze past exams and develop appropriate strategies for using old exams and practice exams in your exam review process.

Let Charlotte Tutor help you to reinforce your understanding of key exam topics and approach the exam with confidence.

Charlotte Tutor provides one-on-one individualized review sessions as well as group review sessions for students who are determined to excel and avoid repeating the course.

The Final Exam Reviews are for a wide array of academic subjects such as Mathematics (math), Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Business, MBA, Spanish, French, and more.

Charlotte Tutor academic programs help students improve their grades and academic skills as well as build confidence, self-esteem, and positive attitudes toward learning.

Contact Charlotte Tutor today for information on rate plans and what Charlotte Tutor can do for you.                                      

                  Charlotte Tutor
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