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   Charlotte Tutor - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How does your service differ from other private tutors and learning centers?
Unlike other private tutors and learning centers that have pre-set educational programs, I build my instructional programs around the student's needs.

How much testing is required before students are able to begin your tutoring program?
No testing is required. My expertise and experience allow me to build instructional programs rapidly.                                                                                                                                    
What is your success rate?
I am proud to have a very high success rate. My success is a result of hard work,strong committement to students,and support of academic excellence.

Where do you meet students?
I meet students in accessible public facilities such as libraries, schools, colleges and universities.                             

Will you teach me?  
Yes, I do offer comprehensive educational services that include teaching. Unlike typical tutors who try to help you to complete assignments set by your regular teachers, I am qualified to teach a wide array of academic subjects spanning from simple Arithmetic to advanced graduate courses.

How can I prepare for a tutoring session?
Unlike other tutors and learning centers, my tutoring sessions are stress free and do not require any preparation at all. The only thing you need to do is to show up, relax, and learn.

Can you help me to improve my study skills?
Yes, I do help students develop their study skills.

Can I drop off an assignment?
Yes. You will receive detailed solutions of the problems, these solutions do help students to prepare for tests and exams.     

Do you tutor students who have short attention spans?
Yes. I do keep activities varied and brief within each session. If a task runs longer, I break it into smaller segments. I always shape behavior with praise.

Do you tutor for classes supported by S.I.?
Yes. I am proud to have no affiliation with the S.I. program or any learning center. The S.I. sessions are led by students who are struggling with their own courses.

Will my professor know that I am receiving tutoring?
No. I do not reveal the names of my tutees to anyone without their permission.
What's expected of me at a weekly tutoring session?
Nothing. Unlike typical tutors who can only help you review the material, I can teach the material. 

Will I have to attend tutoring on a regular basis?
Learning is an active process. Tutoring is an active learning strategy. Students who attend my tutoring classes regularly can earn higher grades.

What is a study group?
A study group is a group of two to six students who meet with me regularly

How can I become a part of a study group?
You can become a part of a study group by agreeing to meet with students you know from class, or by emailing me some information so that I can form a group for you.

What information should I email?
1. Your full name   2. your phone number(s)   3. The class(es) you want tutoring for    4. Name of your school   5. Times you're available Monday-Sunday  6. The maximum number of students you wish to be in your group.


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